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JocA 21:51
Idk, but I talked about the basketball player, Edy Tavares
Phantometry 12:19
@JocA if it's Tavares from Boavista, then I actually already know the guy, lol
Gorbachev_x 08:17
@asd123 Switzerland is not EU. It's the most developed country in the world, certainly a universe apart of peace, stability, depression + anxiety, and safety compared to living in cartel land.
asd123 08:01
@Gorbachev_x going to EU ain't gonna fix your problems (it can only make them worse xd)
Gorbachev_x 07:37
@asd123 I was looking into my literally last resort of getting the fuck out of this shithole that would take me directly into Switzerland, but it's a dead end. I completely give up and gotta die in this god-forsaken shithole where life just can't be enjoyed in any way. Only if I were a woman I would be out of this idiot country 10 years ago, but whatever sadistic god had some other sadistic plans for me, to live a miserable life in one of the most miserable countries in existence which in fact ranks #1 in anxiety disorders index every year, and reasons for that to happens are pretty much infinite.
asd123 07:27
@Gorbachev_x how's life in brazil these days?
Gorbachev_x 04:58
Well, I looked the nub15 now... it was the fastest when the demo was recorded. lol these 2 are really competing.
JocA 18.04
@Phantometry say hello to Tavares lol
Phantometry 17.04
Hello from Cape Verde!
Whoever wants to come here, anytime, just hit me up here in DM or steam/discord.
Take care!
Kpoluk 16.04
@zver I recommend to use steam_legacy for now, there shouldn't be any crashes.
Kpoluk 16.04
@ruriki Main site menu: Records -> Records without checkpoints
@sqme стата по умолчанию включена, делаешь bhop, видишь стату в HUD и в консоли. Дополнительную инфу включаешь в меню /ljs
ruriki 16.04
I want to know where the entrance to the keyword search map is
sqme 15.04
How chek bhop stats on LAN server?Ducks and more stats
B2U 14.04
@BloLy Map author x) Bloly topoviygus for slodes lol
BloLy 14.04
@B2U hihihi the best map author
B2U 14.04
@BloLy hi bloly slide master
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