Kreedz Jumping

Game mode when you racing with other players to finish a maps as fast as possible. Its comes from Counter-Strike 1.6 and was named in honor of creator
Our community will help you with passing the maps with your friends, set new records, participate and win in tournaments.

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[CS16] Checkpoints release + Maps

Posted by Kpoluk 20 Aug 2023 in 19:09
This week we're adding a community map 5oXen_hb_QingC by 5oXen, which represents a row of bhops and slides around four columns. TyIIIkA helped the mapper to complicate the internal structure of the columns, using them in the process of passing. Difficulty is mostly hard, but due to several places it is raised to hard-extreme, the duration is short. This is the first map from 5oXen in our upload, we will wait for new creations in his performance.

Also this time we have a special case, the map hb_theyambo from mex1337 does not become a community map, but it will be temporarily added to the servers, and subsequently remain available for passage on the VIP server. The issue is that it is first time when 1-fog only bhops were used on kz map. We allow the use of random elements like jumpbug for alternative routes, but they cannot be mandatory for passage. In general, the gameplay of kz has a lot of near-random mechanics, and we are forced to draw a demarcation line here, since we consider it impossible to guarantee control over the amount of fogs. By the way, it is also the source of our recommendations for extreme maps, in which, for example, we ask you not to make bhop sections, the difficulty of which lies only in the fact that blocks are placed at the maximum possible distance from each other.

However, you have the opportunity to try this mechanic on the server. We would like to thank our mapcheckers who spent their energy on finalizing and checking the map.


cius_mansory done in 24:07.50 (233 CP, 699 GC) 1 place
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hb_lrs2_beta[mpbhop] - banned

[CS16] Release #276 - 15 new records

Posted by Kpoluk 13 Aug 2023 in 09:32
Lan server was updated to version 4.15. The bot timer now takes into account rewind and speeding, and the display of the current speed has received new modes, so in addition to horizontal speed it can show vertical speed, general speed, as well as horizontal and vertical speeds at the same time (set through the /ljs menu or using cvar). The colorchat thresholds for the ladder have been changed, they are still different for different weapons, but the difference is much smaller. By the way, the update of speed and thresholds were also made for the server version of lj stats. In addition, the kz_entities plugin was updated as well, earlier information on the entity was obtained using amxx, but it turned out that this info was greatly distorted and of little use. Instead, I began to take information directly from the bsp file, similar to how I do it in new articles. In this form, it exactly matches what you see in the map editor. Next newsposts will be dedicated to community maps, while for now have a good game!


kz_faw_cathedral_e done in 02:30.57 1 place 30 Exp


bhop_xmas_2013 done in 01:13.46 WR! (01:19.59 seniug) 1 place 60 Exp
cobkz_run_brick done in 01:27.12 WR! (01:28.07 HaMMa) 1 place 31 Exp
daza_blockamok done in 01:30.45 WR! (01:45.24 jabroni) 1 place 60 Exp
hm_carrera done in 02:18.45 WR! (02:45.15 society) 1 place 60 Exp
notkz_straighthops done in 01:52.69 WR! (02:15.93 Bhopper) 1 place 60 Exp


bhop_platinum done in 01:26.39 (01:25.65 Penguin) 2 place 29 Exp


dyd_toonblock done in 01:32.75 WR! (03:31.82 Neurich) 1 place 50 Exp


tisha_woodland done in 01:44.15 (01:46.15 Creep) 1 place 30 Exp


kz_4caves done in 06:20.17 1 place 30 Exp
kz_adv_quadrablock done in 11:33.55 1 place 30 Exp
kz_redbrickworld done in 02:57.88 (04:02.68 HELLBOUND) 1 place 30 Exp
sn_giantree_v2 done in 04:37.74 1 place 30 Exp


extremebeachrace_ez done in 03:27.55 (04:30.63 _KALASH) 1 place 30 Exp


slide_svn_unextreme done in 01:23.14 (01:25.67 Silk_Road) 1 place 1 Exp
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[CS16] Release #275 - 16 new records

Posted by Kpoluk 30 Jul 2023 in 17:58

Thanks to skarp for checking the demos.


hb_R3AL done in 01:37.86 WR! (02:19.29 tasi) 1 place 50 Exp
r3_hb_keo done in 01:16.78 (01:37.78 Marusya) 1 place 30 Exp


kzfr_bkm_TC done in 01:42.56 WR! (02:19.93 jabroni) 1 place 60 Exp


ad_natureclimb done in 01:44.01 WR! (01:47.34 rawe) 1 place 60 Exp
cgturnier_runde3 done in 02:16.08 WR! 1 place 30 Exp
cobkz_noob_speed done in 01:26.92 WR! (01:28.07 colcolx) 1 place 31 Exp
cobkz_run_brick done in 01:28.07 WR! (01:29.45 colcolx) 1 place 30 Exp
jhf_sandybhop done in 03:01.00 WR! (03:09.53 rawe) 1 place 31 Exp
ksz_egyptianez done in 02:06.73 WR! (02:19.14 tasi) 1 place 60 Exp
kznl_sequence_two done in 02:00.45 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
kztw_colorclimb done in 02:00.32 WR! (02:16.68 bvbvbvbv) 1 place 60 Exp
mst_iblock done in 03:07.95 WR! 1 place 30 Exp
pyk_egyptianez done in 05:24.76 WR! (06:35.50 tasi) 1 place 60 Exp
smk_zink_himmelbjerget done in 01:13.51 (01:13.41 PMSA) 2 place 29 Exp


cd_2077 done in 01:44.76 WR! 1 place 60 Exp


slide_spm_simple done in 02:14.00 (02:41.20 Silk_Road) 1 place -10 Exp
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[CS16] Release #274 - 8 new records

Posted by Kpoluk 16 Jul 2023 in 13:51


deathrun_crossfire done in 01:44.63 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
deathrun_summer done in 01:38.34 WR! (01:43.68 kewen) 1 place 60 Exp
deathrun_y_snow_wind_v3 done in 01:34.41 WR! (01:35.74 rawe) 1 place 60 Exp
kzzNk_facility done in 00:58.14 WR! (00:59.49 Juby) 1 place 60 Exp


cd_vvn1ght_v16 done in 07:01.37 WR! 1 place 60 Exp


hb_gene done in 01:13.23 WR! (01:13.89 colcolx) 1 place 60 Exp
ph_slide_toonworld done in 01:16.33 WR! (01:28.11 Silk_Road) 1 place 60 Exp
slide_kzbr_hasty done in 01:06.86 WR! (01:12.51 Silk_Road) 1 place 60 Exp
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kzru_orange[b] - hack - hack - hack - hack - hack - hack - hack - hack

[CS16] Release #273 - 21 new record + Maps

Posted by Kpoluk 8 Jul 2023 in 18:52
CS now is in traditional lazy state, still we have enough new content from June. Firstly we've finally made full-fledged 100аа server connected to the rating system. It has the same address as previous temporary server, while old records are still available for viewing in /top menu:

This server automatically applies 100аа to all players (at that the setting from menu isn't used, hence when you back to the normal server you'll have the same aa you had last time there). Further, if you joined a map where you've created 10aa savepos earlier, you'll see chat warning saying that your savepos will be deleted if you press start button. We decided not to create separate saveposes for 10aa and 100aa cause it would be too confusing.

The advantage of a 100aa server compared to using 100aa on the main servers is that it does not lag on duckbhop, while in terms of functionality it is completely identical.

Also on all servers I fixed a bug with setting of opening of the start menu (it used to open even when disabled) and added the ability to cancel gocheck using the command /ungc (do not confuse it with the command /nogc, which disables teleports). Undoing a gocheck will be useful for those who accidentally gocheck back after a successful jump. Note that using it does not add cp, but increases the gc counter.

The second part of the new content is maps. BluERaY^_X continued to delight us with high-quality large maps, finalizing his new creation in an urban style kzzNk_berliux. bORN2MAKEPORN and TyIIIkA joined the checking process, while abubas provided a large number of comments and valuable information. Thanks them for their work!

Added maps from latest Cosy releases:

Extreme maps

Hard maps

Average maps

Won't be added
xr_fasthop - too short
pcy_Oasis - too short
riq_fastbhop - too short
chAHu_hb_ALei - too short
5oXen_fastmcj - too short
hb_V@SY - too short
kzzNk_standy - too short


bhop_blue_glass done in 01:18.20 WR! (01:27.32 SlasHeR) 1 place 60 Exp
bhop_ctm_color done in 01:00.23 WR! (01:01.92 Shinzo) 1 place 60 Exp
bhop_ctm_minecraft_fix done in 00:29.99 WR! (00:45.02 hatsunemikufeet) 1 place 60 Exp
d2_mario_bhop done in 03:10.55 WR! (03:51.47 jabroni) 1 place 60 Exp
daza_colorswitch done in 01:44.77 WR! (01:51.28 colcolx) 1 place 30 Exp
hb_gene done in 01:13.89 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
kzru_minehop done in 01:55.88 WR! (02:04.50 Juby) 1 place 60 Exp
mst_dusthop done in 01:39.77 WR! (01:42.59 Hinako) 1 place 31 Exp


ih_stageblock done in 01:36.54 WR! (02:06.47 DinGo) 1 place 60 Exp


kzsca_caveh0p done in 01:27.94 (01:42.46 DeeDFTW) 1 place 30 Exp


fof_32 done in 01:24.19 WR! (01:55.11 round) 1 place 60 Exp
kz_ins_bhoptown done in 02:43.31 WR! (02:57.70 WhereIsMyPanda) 1 place 60 Exp
kz_kzsca_desertedlab done in 01:41.66 WR! (08:41.25 Imbik) 1 place 60 Exp


kzbr_The_new_century done in 02:50.53 1 place 30 Exp
kzzNk_night done in 01:46.75 WR! 1 place 60 Exp


notkz_avalon done in 22:19.46 1 place 30 Exp


xr_hb_whoknows done in 01:45.04 WR! 1 place 60 Exp


kz_lain done in 01:52.27 (01:50.31 Dolphin) 2 place 0 Exp


slide_kei_nefarious_x done in 01:14.64 (01:15.29 Silk_Road) 1 place -10 Exp
slide_lws_giantramp done in 01:39.12 1 place 20 Exp
slide_lws_giantramp_ez done in 01:24.50 (01:49.20 Kris) 1 place 20 Exp
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